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Official Positions

The new board is always elected at the end of the year during the statuary fall meeting, and the term of office begins at the turn of the year. Every year before the autumn meeting, an Get to know Matrix -event is organized. The evening is an informal event where people get to know each other and meet new and old actives. During the evening, you can also express your interest in positions within Matrix.

Representatives are mainly elected at the board's organizational meeting in December, but the board can also appoint representatives at other meetings throughout the year. Even if you cannot join the board in the middle of the year, you can still get involved in  organizing the activities as a representative. You can get involved by attending meetings, joining the matrix-ry email list, participating in events, and simply offering your help or ideas.

The board itself is elected according to the rules at the autumn meeting, including a chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer, 0-6 other members, and 0-6 deputy members. Being a representative does not require being a member of the board, as there are only a limited number of positions in the board. Nowadays, the difference between being a board member and a non-board member is small, but each board naturally considers its own organization.

Matrix Official List

The list is incomplete because the number of representatives depends entirely on the number of willing participants – there is a position for everyone interested. For example, an international travel representative could be added to the list if someone wants to organize a trip outside of Finland.

The tasks listed under the titles are the so-called basic tasks of the respective representative. The brainstorming, planning, and practical implementation of larger tasks are done together. Assistance is requested and received, if one cannot do it, someone else will.

Being a representative is incredibly fun, you get to know new people and learn a lot of new things. In a resume, involvement in organization activities looks good, and active participation can also earn study credits.

The main thing is that you are interested. Come join us!

Leads meetings and keeps things together. Works as hard as everyone else. Practically a jack-of-all-trades who knows everything that happens in the organization.
Vice Chairman
Manages the membership register and leads meetings when the chairman cannot attend. A mini-chairman who does everything and anywhere.
Prepares minutes of meetings and ensures they are kept safe.
Watches over the coffers with an iron grip and eagle eyes. Ensures that there is enough money and that it lasts.
Table Feast Master and Team
Organizes table feasts.
Business Representative and Team
Builds relationships with (great) companies and organizes visits to them.
Cultural Representative
Satisfies the members' cultural cravings by organizing excursions to museums, theaters, operas, movies, and concerts.
Party Representative
Organizes at least Coverall Evenings and Autumn Parties.
Matlu Representative
Our spy in Matlu ry. Our link to other faculty student organizations.
Cluster Representative
Takes care of our Cluster in Domus Gaudium. Reports the organization's cleaning shifts and is part of the Leppätalo Committee.
Komero Representative
Ensures that our home at the department remains tidy and cozy.
Study Representative
Knows the ins and outs of studies and represents the student's opinion, even if not asked. Organizes study circles and other events related to studies and working life.
WWW Representative
Maintains websites. Designs, edits. Generally knows how to use a computer.
Communivation Representative
Manages email lists and sends meeting summaries after board meetings.
Fresher and Tutor Representative
Works with the faculty to plan tutor training. Recruits math tutors. Organizes department-specific training sessions for tutors. Organizes fresher events such as fresher picnics. 
Sports Representative
Organizes sports events.
Environmental Representative
Improves the world and tries to get other Matrix members to save the environment.
Trade Union Representative
Acts as a liaison to trade unions.
Meeting Catering Representative
Arranges catering for meetings.
Delicacies Representative
Gets coffee and other goodies for the locker.
Equality and Diversity Representative
Ensures that everyone at Matrix feels good and safe. <3