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Our own student room, Komero, is located on the third floor of Exactum in room C338. All students are welcome to hang out in the student room between lectures or even spend the whole day there. The student room is open when the Exactum building is open. Inside, you'll find plenty of board games, books, old Nintendo consoles, an Xbox console, a refrigerator, a coffee maker, a kettle, and a microwave. If there are Matrix board members present, you can buy overall patches and other products from them with cash or MobilePay.

Coffee and tea are available for purchase in Komero, as well as occasionally other drinks, snacks, and treats. Sales are made using "lines." The price of one line is 25 cents, and you can buy lines with cash by putting money into the black cash box in the kitchen. Then write your name on the list above the cash box and mark how many lines you paid for. You can then use your lines to buy items. For example, one cup of coffee costs one line. If you frequently drink coffee or tea, it may be useful to bring your own cup to the cupboard. The cups for communal use are white cups with Matrix stickers.


Klusteri, also known as the Matlu Klusteri, Klusse, Bmur, or officially Christina Regina, is the joint space for Kumpula organizations located in the city center at Leppäsuonkatu 11. Many of our events are held at the Klusteri, and in addition, you can go there to spend time outside of events as long as someone with a key to the space is present, such as Matrix board members. Klusteri is a place where you can meet not only mathematicians but also other students from Kumpula! You can play board games, sing karaoke, play beer pong or other ball games, or simply party. You can read more about Klusteri and see the space reservation calendar on its own website.