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Festivities & Hangouts

Throughout the year, Matrix organizes various celebrations and hangouts, including both traditional events and new innovations. All information about these events is communicated through Matrix's annoucement channels. In addition to its own events, Matrix also participates in events organized by other parties, and you can find more information about these under the general events tab.

Sitz Parties
Sitz parties are academic dinner parties where attendees usually dress up nicely. These events involve singing traditional sitz songs and enjoying a three-course dinner with drinks. Traditionally, Matrix organizes sitz parties several times a year. In the beginning of autumn, there are fresher sitz parties, where freshers are taught sitz traditions and practices and introduced to typical sitz songs. Towards the end of the year, there are Christmas-themed sitz parties. In the spring, efforts are made to organize at least two sitz parties with changing themes. Some of these sitz parties are organized together with other organizations, providing an opportunity to learn about the sitz traditions of other groups and meet people from other organizations. Previous sitz party themes have included, for example, friend sitz, where attendees were allowed to bring one friend from outside the organization, Under the Sea sitz in collaboration with Resonanssi and the Fyysikkokilta, tistiS sits with TKO-äly, where the sits were carried out in reverse order from end to beginning, and Valentine's Day sits with Resonanssi.

Anniversary party
The anniversary patry is akin to the organization's birthday celebration. Matrix's anniversary party is traditionally held on the first weekend of March to commemorate the fact that Matrix was named on March 1, 1995. The event can be thought of as similar to a sitz party but more formal. The dress code is more formal, and the food and ambiance are of higher quality than at regular sitz parties. Unlike regular sitz parties, the annual gala also includes speeches by, for example, the Chair of Matrix and a representative of the faculty. In addition, deserving members of Matrix are awarded with honorary sashes. Traditionally, every fifth year, larger and more luxurious anniversary parties are organized. The anniversary party is definitely one of the highlights of the year for Matrix members!

Autumn Party
Every autumn, Matrix organizes large and popular autumn parties at the beginning of the academic year. Each year, there is a new theme for the party, and participants are expected to dress accordingly. The best-dressed attendees are awarded with fabulous prizes. Previous themes can be seen on posters hanging in Komero, as each party has its own poster advertisement. Posters have been available in Komero since 2007. In recent years, live bands have also been invited to perform at the parties, providing attendees with live music entertainment. The autumn parties are traditionally held in Alina Hall at the New Student House in October.

Klusteri Hangouts
Klusteri hangouts are a traditional event held  several times a year. Klusteri hangouts take place at Matlu-Kluster and involve spending time together. These hangouts include fun company, snacks, board games, ball games, karaoke singing, and the beloved Urho the Bear. Klusteri hangouts may sometimes have themes or be organized in collaboration with another organization.