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General events

Matrix organises a wide range of activities for its members throughout the year. On this page you will find information about events that are not officially organised by Matrix, but in which Matrix usually participates.


Vappu is definitely the highlight of the student year! During the week of Vappu, Matlu has traditionally organised various events for the students of Kumpula. In recent years, these events have included MEGAspåra, where you can go for a spin around Helsinki on a tram, VappuHopLop, where you go to HopLop to jump and bounce, and KJYV, which is the Kumpula Organizations' Joint Vappu Navigation, where students can form their own teams and compete in numerous checkpoints. 
The week will culminate on Vappu Eve and Vappu Day. Last couple of years the Matrix vappu has started on Vappu eve at 12 on the Physicum's Vappu terrace. After the terrace, we head down to the area between Physicum and Chemicum for a barbecue and hang out with the flag flying. After the barbecue, we'll head downtown to watch Manta get his cap and then continue hanging out informally at the Senate Square. 
On Vappu Day, the sun always shines from a cloudless sky. On this occasion, Matrix and the others go to Ullanlinnanmäki for a picnic, where the rest of the party is still going at it. Matrix brings a flag and everyone brings their own picnic lunch, which is served and exchanged.


Traditionally, the Laskiaisrieha starts at 12 on the Ullanlinnamäki. In this event different organisations have built their own unique sleds that and compete against others with them in style and ability to go down on the hill. Matrix heads there together from campus. The overalls are very slippery if you happen to fall off the sled, so they are an essential part of the equipment. A few sled may be taken along, but bringing your own downhill gear is a nice addition to the red line. After the slope part of the day some may go for Laskias pub crawl. Later on the evening we'll go to Laskuhumala party.


Approt or a pub crawl is an event that traditionally involves going from bar to bar to collect stamps. Appros are usually performed with alcoholic beverages, but in recent years non-alcoholic drinks have become more common and should also get a stamp from almost every bar. In exchange for the stamps, you get a overall badge of the same level at the end of the event. Matrix will purchase the tickets for couple of pub crawls like Helsinginkadun approt so that Matrix members can buy them from the Matrix website, rather than having to compete with everyone else in the Kide.app queue but there are countless different pub crawls you can participate on your own too.
The highlight of the pub crawl year is the Limeksen Approt, which takes place in central Helsinki on the first Wednesday in October. These events are not to be missed! There are already places in the Matrix overalls where you can sew on your Limeksen Appros overalls badge.
The spring appros include the Helsinginkatu appros, which usually take place in April. In May, we head to sunny Turku for the Academic Aura River Boatmen's Examination, or AATU, which takes place in the restaurants along the Aura River. 
Appro can also be used to refer to non-bar tours, as for example the Matrix board organises annual house appros, where all the participants' apartments are toured. 


KJYR, or Kumpula Joint Cruise, is a cruise that brings together all Kumpulans on the same ship. The cruise is especially for new freshmen but all freshmen and ninth-year students alike can find their way on board. The cruise is usually organised as a three-day cruise to Stockholm, the first weekend in November. The cruise is coordinated by TKO-äly, but Matrix has its own quota of cabins. Matrix also holds a costume competition at KJYR.

Kyykän MM

The World Championships of Academic kyykkä is an annual event held in Tampere, Finland, for which Matrix tries to obtain team tickets. Kyykkä is a sport that students love which we try to practise at Matrix throughout the year and the year culminates at the World Championships. We usually leave for Tampere together early in the morning to catch the morning games and in the evening we enjoy a late night party in Tampere. In between the games and afterwards, we might enjoy a programme organised by one of our friends' organisations. Often there is also an option for sauna.


Suursitsit is a huge sitsit that HYY holds every other year or more rarely. Every student from University of Helsinki is welcomed. The sitsit are usually held outdoors at the end of May